Mark L.

While writing my dissertation for my degree, I approached Catherine to proof read my work. I had received some negative feedback on grammar and spelling on my other assignments and I wanted to ensure this work was the best it could be.

I was very apprehensive about this as I wanted it to be right but needed someone I could trust. I met Catherine and was immediately put at ease. I knew immediately she would do a good job.

I sent Catherine small sections at a time. She returned the sections with her corrections. They were done as suggestions that I could either accept or disregard. Her assistance over all was very valuable. My dissertation was presented really well and, for the first time, I also received excellent comments on its presentation. I was naturally really pleased with this.

Working with Catherine was a real pleasure. She made the whole process so easy and I was never made to feel stupid, in fact quite the opposite. As stated above, I cannot stress enough how much help Catherine’s input was.  I would highly recommend Catherine in a heartbeat and would never go anywhere else should the need for a proof reader arise again.